Thank you to all who attended the 35th International Nuclear Air Cleaning Conference sponsored by the International Society for Nuclear Air Treatment Technologies. We hope you found the presentations and agenda helpful and insightful. We will be posting information, papers and updates for the 2020 conference in the coming weeks. Thank you!

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Speakers / Sessions

Dr. Melvin First, Curtis Graves, Eric Banks,
Dr. Ronald Bellamy

Founding Fathers - Dr. Richard Dorman,
Wendell Anderson (Andy), Humphrey Gilbert

Who We Are

This internationally recognized symposium includes the presentation, discussion, and documentation of all aspects of air and gas cleaning, processing, and treatment at all types of nuclear facilities and installations.

Invited and contributed papers will cover recent research; operational events; air and gas treatment technologies related to nuclear power plant operation and upgrades; codes, standards and regulations; nuclear waste processing, storage and disposal; control room habitability; tracer gas in-leakage testing; and new reactor designs.  The status of new construction for commercial nuclear power plants worldwide is expected to be a conference highlight.

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