Conference Agenda

36th Conference Agenda

Below you will find the agenda for the upcoming conference.  Topics, papers and speakers are subject to change until May 1, 2020.  To download a copy of this agenda select the download link to the right.

Preliminary Draft Agenda

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Registration and Welcoming Reception   5:00 – 6:00 pm

Monday, June 6, 2016 Morning Sessions

Registration and Breakfast Provided

Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Ronald R. Bellamy, President, ISNATT

Keynote Presentations

  1. Update of DOE Decommissioning and Decontamination and Waste Management Projects, Rodrigo Rimardo, USDOE
  2. Nuclear Developments in the UK, author TBD
  3. China Nuclear Air Cleaning, Dan-qui Qui, Qui Liu, China Institute of Radiation Protection
  4. IAEA Waste Management Standards, JL Kovach, NUCON

Lunch Provided

Afternoon Sessions

Design considerations

  1. US Approach to Addressing BWR Mark I and II Containment Enhancements, Randy Bunt, Southern Nuclear Operating Co
  2. Filtered Containment Venting: Reasons, Technology, Impact on the Environment, Marina Welker, AREVA Germany
  3. Relationship of ASME Code on Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment with the USDOE Standards for HEPAs, Sonya Barnette, USDOE
  4. Use of ASME B31.3 as ASME AG-1 Section SA Ductwork at DOE Hanford, Sharok Khabir, WRPS
  5. Innovative Waste Packaging and Associated Venting/Hydrogen Management, Chris Chadwick, Porvair Filtration Group
  6. AREVA Control Room Accident Filtration System CRAFT, Marina Welker, AREVA Germany
  7. Experience With Filter Test Facility 2015 Laboratory Fire, Chris Hart, Benit a Nicholson, ATI
  8. Heat Transfer in Activated Carbon, Clinton Summers, J L Kovach, NUCON
  9. Offgas Management in the Australian Nuclear Science Mo99 Facility, Stuart Brink, ANSTO
  10. Proposed Permanent Ventilation System with Surface Filtration at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Facility, Keith Wallace, Mine Ventilation Services
  11. Construction Status of US Reactors, Keith Dorsey, Southern Nuclear Operating Company

ISNATT Meeting, Dr. Ronald R. Bellamy, President, ISNATT

Student Poster Session and Reception 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Tuesday June 7, 2016 Morning Sessions

Breakfast Provided

Filtration Components

  1. Status of the Hanford Tank Farm Remediation Project and the Need for Specialized Filters, Elaine Diaz, USDOE
  2. Development of High Strength Radial HEPA Filters for Nuclear Applications, James Kriskovich, James Parhum, Andrew Frost, Kurion
  3. ASME AG-1 Section FK Radial Flow HEPA Filters: Requirements and Considerations, Andrew Stillo, CamfilUSA
  4. Optimization of a High Strength Radial Flow HEPA Filter, G. Garcia, W. Bergman, J. Dick, Z. Kramer, S. Crow, G. Dalton, S. Anderson, D. Howard, Bechtel National, Inc
  5. Significant Aspects of Fatigue Phenomena and Related Material Failures for Pleated Media in HEPA Filter Packs During Normal Operation, Craig Ricketts, NMSU
  6. Use of Silver Zeolites in Air Cleaning Systems, Robert Jubin, ORNL
  7. Analytical Model of HEPA Filter Loading with Solid and Liquid Particles for Use in Fire Safety Analysis In Facility Ventilation Systems, W. Bergman, Aerosol Science

Luncheon Chair, Dr. Ronald R. Bellamy, ISNATT

USNRC – Today and Tomorrow, Marc Dapas, USNRC Regional Administrator, Region IV

Afternoon Sessions

Testing and Inspection

  1. Evaluating Performance of a Range of Ceramic Media Filter Elements, Andrew Schemmel, Heejin Cho, Charles Waggoner, MSU
  2. An Investigation of Various Alternative Tracer Gases for Measuring the Leakage in Gaseous Filtration Systems, Kevin Grot, Richard Grot, Patrick Helly, LAT, John Pearson, NCS
  3. Design and Performance of a Flat Media Filtering Test Stand, S Phillips, Heejin Cho, Charles Waggoner, MSU
  4. Design and Performance of an In Place Flat Media Particle Loading Testing System, M Wong, Heejin Cho, Charles Waggoner, MSU
  5. Long-term Repeatability of Pressurization Mode Inleakage Tests, Peter Lagus, Kevin Grot, John Carlyle, Patrick Helly, L AT, Kevin Fleming, NCS
  6. Filter Test Facility Filter Test Data, Chris Hart, ATI
  7. In Place Leak Test of HEPA Filter Banks Using a Multiple Sampling Technique for the Underground Ventilation System at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Eric Rodriquez, Larry Browneller, Nuclear Waste Partnership, Eric Banks, Larry Shaffer, NUCON
  8. A Review of Real Time Aerosol Measurement Techniques and their Correlation, S Cox, Heejin Cho, Charles Waggoner, MSU

Emerging Issues and Conference Wrap-up, Dr. Ronald R. Bellamy, President, ISNATT