Past Conferences

Below you will find documentation for previous conferences including agendas, presentations, papers, diagrams and other information shared in our archives.  These documents are available for your educational purposes and by permission from the authors.

Past Conferences

Monday 23 June 2014

Design and Operation of European Containment Filtered Venting Systems

Experience from the Application of the Dry Filtered Method for Filtered Containment Venting to Several Plant Designs

French NPPs Filtered Containment Venting Design

Inleakage into Critical Rooms Protected by CO2 Fire Extinguishing Systems

NPP Containment Vent Protection an Examination of the Effects and Mitigation Strategies

NPP Containment Vent Protection Why There Is No One-size-fits-all Solution

Performance Based Analysis for BWR Containment Venting

Research and Development on European Cleaning Solutions for Radioactive Applications

The Effects of Particle Size on Filtered Containment Venting Systems

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Post 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Event Actions

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Advances in Off-Gas Treatment for Used Nuclear Fuel Processing

AG-1 and Robust HEPA Filters

ASTM D3803 Precision and Bias for New Versus Used Activated Carbon, Revisited

Characterization of a Test Stand for Evaluating Performance and Qualifying AG-1 FI Metal Media Filters and FO Ceramic Filters Under ASME AG-1


Development of a Resistance to Liquid Pressure Test System (RLPTS) for Qualifying HEPA Filters

Development of High Strength HEPA Filters for Hanford’s Waste Treatment Plant (WTP)

Effect on Aerosol Particle Size Distribution and Quantity When Using Injection and Sample Manifolds and Through a Type II Adsorber Bank

Effectively Communicating Radiation Risks The Toughest Task

Effects of Extended In-Process Aging of Silver-Exchanged Mordenite on Iodine Capture Performance

Ignition Temperature of Impregnated Carbons

Infrastructure for Testing and Qualifying Robust Radial Flow HEPA Filters


Parallel Canister Design for Nuclear Carbon Filters Testing

Properties of Simulants Used to Evaluate Air Cleaning Systems

Simulated Performance Qualification Testing of High-Strength HEPA Filters

1. Tracer Gas Inleakage Testing. What have we learned in Twenty Years?

2. Test Canister Airflow and DP Requirements

3. Elemental Iodine Retention on Nuclear Grade Carbons: Comparison of Impregnated and Non-Impregnated Carbons

4. ISNATT FMO Sinter Test Grinder HVAC Exhaust Modification

5. Filter Test Facility Report On The Testing of HEPA Filters for the DOE

6. Self Cleaning HEPA Filtration In Arduous Environments

7. No paper provided.

8. Steam and Condensate Tolerant HEPA Filter

9. ASME Committee on Nuclear Air & Gas Treatment (CONAGT) AG-1 Development

10. 10 ASME AG-1 Filters, A Particle Loading Comparison Final

11. Metal Media Filters, AG-1 Section FI

Key Note 32nd NACC_Myoung Sung Sohn

12. Development of Test Stand and Test Plan for Qualification of Sintered Fiber Metal Media Filters

13. HEPA Filter High Temperature Test Unit (HTTU)

14. Is a Filter Loading Qualification Test Needed

15. Modification and Preliminary Testing of a Prototype Test Rig Toward Qualification of High-Strength HEPA Filters

16. Performance Specifications and test Protocols For The Qualification of High-Strength HEPA Filters

17. Performance Comparison of Dimple Pleat Separator and Ribbon Separator Radial Flow HEPA Filters.

18. Filtration Research Supported by the Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM)

19. HEPA Filtration in the Event of HT Excursions

20. Soot Mitigation Strategies

21. Role of Fire Detection

22. Vortex Next Generation Fire Suppression

23. HEPA Filter Scan Testing: Is it appropriate for the nuclear industry?

24. Evaluation of High Efficiency Mist Eliminators

25. Ceramic HEPA Filter

Warehouse Fire Tests Video

Bar Flow Video

1. Table of Contents

2. Attendee List for 30th International Nuclear Air Cleaning Conference, Seattle, WA, August 25-27, 2008

3. Minutes of ISNATT Meeting August 26, 2008

4. Welcoming Remarks, Dr. Ronald R. Bellamy, President, ISNATT

5. Conference Agenda

6. Keynote Presentation, The Nuclear Renaissance, Lee Elder, Senior Vice-President, The Shaw Group (no presentation provided)

7. ASME CONAGT Activities, Accomplishments, and Challenges, Vogan, Sargent & Lundy

8. NHUG and INPO Activities, Accomplishments, and Challenges, Adams, FENOC (no presentation provided)

9. BWR Steam Line Radionuclide Concentration Distribution following a DBA LOCA, Metcalf
and Perez, AREVA NP Inc

10. Demonstration of Integrated Voloxidation and Dissolver Off-gas Treatment Systems, Jubin, ORNL (no presentation provided)

11. Identification of Appropriate Qualification Testing and End-of-Life Waste Storage Considerations for Deep Bed Sand (DBS) Filters, Kline, Batelle, Matthews, SRNS, Mearns, US Army, Patel, URS, Petersen, URS, Roberts, Retired

12.Effect of Surface Modifications on the Performance of Nuclear Grade Activated Carbon for Removal of Methyl Iodide, Freeman, Jacobi Carbons

13. Commercial Dedication, A Manufacturer’s Perspective, Bartlam, Ellis & Watts

14. Filter Test Facility Report on the Testing of HEPA Filters for the Department of Energy, Crosby, Fretthold, Hart and Stormo, ATI (no presentation provided)

15. Realization of Performance Specifications for the Qualification of High-Strength HEPA Filters, Ricketts, New Mexico State University, Stillo, Camfil Farr, Cambo, Lydall

16. Realization of a Prototype Full-Scale Test Rig Toward Qualification of High-Strength HEPA Filter Units, Altamirano, Lucero, McNierney, Saulietis, and Toledo, NMSU

17. Evaluating ASME AG-1 Section FK Radial Flow HEPA Filter, Arunkumar, McCown, Parsons, Rickert, Rogers, and Waggoner, Institute for Clean Energy Technology, Mississippi State University

18. An Aerosol Neutralizer for Large Scale Testing of HEPA Filters, Unz, Rogers, Waggoner, and Coggins, ICET, MSU

19. HEPA Filter Efficiency After Hydrogen Flouride Exposure, Bergman, Aerosol Science, Garcia, Bechtel

20. Qualification Testing of HEPA Filters – Issues, Sen, USDOE, Bergman, Aerosol Science, Hahn, USDOE, Stormo, ATI (no presentation provided)

21. Luncheon Presentation, Westinghouse US AP1000 Projects, Norman C. Boyter, Vice- President, Westinghouse

22. The Effect of Boundary Breach on Measured Inleakage, Lagus, Lagus Applied Technology, Carlson, OPPD

23. The Effects of a Known Control Room Envelope Breach on the Control Room Differential Pressure, Outside Airflow, and Potential Unfiltered Inleakage, Eric Banks, NUCON

24. Neutral Pressure CREEV Inleakage Measurements, Lagus, LAT, Udagawa and Yamaji, Mitsubishi, Grot, LAT

25. Testing of Carbon Filters in Australian Nuclear Installations, Rudenas, ANSTO

26. AP1000 HVAC Specifications and Procedures, Pest, Consultant (no presentation provided)

27. USNRC Regulatory Guides – Purpose and Process, Bettle, USNRC (no presentation